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ARTificial intelligence – Sophia Thomalla in Schüttflix’s new calendar

  • Schüttflix’s traditional calendar created with the help of artificial intelligence for the first time this year

  • Technology and innovation for resource-conserving processes on the construction site


Gütersloh. Being innovative and transformative have driven Schüttflix’s growth since day one. This can also be seen in Schüttflix’s new calendar for 2024. The company is now showcasing Sophia Thomalla, its brand ambassador and shareholder, in an artistic way – with the help of artificial intelligence (AI) and Photoshop! This year’s calendar, whose theme is “ARTificial Intelligence”, was created by the Hamburg-based photographer ANDRA, who has taken all the shots for Schüttflix’s previous calendars. The result: 13 motifs in breathtaking settings. The company’s customers and partners receive a copy of the calendar, which is printed in a strictly limited edition.

“Schüttflix epitomises the digital transformation of the construction industry,” explains Christian Langbehn, Chief Brand Officer at Schüttflix. “We are conveying this message in art and our calendar. The associated possibilities and results are becoming more and more fascinating with each passing day.” ANDRA, the photographer, believes that using AI in her field offers a major advantage owing to how it boosts efficiency. “On top of that,” she adds, “today’s AI models are able to generate impressively realistic images that people can have a hard time distinguishing from real photos. This inspired us to put together a calendar using AI and Photoshop.” And the results are impressive!

“I was rather sceptical at first,” Thomalla admits with a grin. “But Schüttflix simply knows how the wind’s blowing. Using AI is one thing. But, in the end, you still need people who know how it’s done – just like on construction sites,” explains the 34-year-old, who is gracing the Schüttflix calendar for the fifth time this year.

AI has been an integral part of Schüttflix’s platform for a long time. From importing documents to planning delivery routes, AI is firmly anchored in the company, allowing it to operate more precisely, efficiently and quickly – a business model with a promising future! “Using AI is part of the transformation needed to make our sector fit for the future. Being open to new technologies and innovations as well as utilising them in a responsible way will help us to tackle the challenges of our day. For example, AI gives us a better understanding of material flows on and between construction sites, which enables us to effectively contribute to a resource-conserving future,” says Schüttflix CEO and co-founder Christian Hülsewig, explaining the potential that artificial intelligence offers for greater sustainability and efficiency on the construction site.

Schüttflix has been active for almost five years as a digital logistics hub for the construction industry, offering the users of its digital platform an extensive network of partners in Germany, Austria, Poland and the Czech Republic. Since entering the market in 2019, the company has acquired around 14,000 partners and customers and moved 12 million tonnes of material. In 2022, it generated a turnover of around 90 million euros. Some 28,000 vehicles are now in service for the company, contributing to the sustainable development of the construction industry.