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Looking for a transport from A to B? Here's how easy it is to get a truck

Quickly and easily order as many transport jobs as you like.
It's as easy as this:


Schüttflix can handle more than just bulk materials. If all you need is a transport job – or several of them – to get from one place to another, then just book a forwarding order. Here's how it goes…

On the spot, every time

Start by telling us where to pick up the load. Then set the unloading point – and the cool thing about Schüttflix is that you can specify exactly where you wanted the stuff poured out, and it'll be left in just the right spot.

Show us what you're working with.

Tell us what you need: A semi, or something compact? Simply choose the vehicle class you want. Finally, enter how much you want transported – or how many veichles you need – and what freight is there at the start.


Our transport planning is as flexible as you are. Do you need the transport\/job at a set time? No problem. Or you can enter a transport time frame in which you want everything to go down.

And you set the price

Let's get down to business. Do you want to do this by the transport\/job or by weight? Do you want to settle up now? It's your decision. You also determine the price that the job is worth to you. The more you offer, the faster someone will take the job. If you offer less, it might also take a little longer.

Your route goes to the exchange

You know how it works with online orders – we sum it all up for you at the end. Is everything right? Great, then just put in your order. And if there's anything you want to change, you can do that quickly as well. Your transport job will now end up in the job exchange. And when the route gets picked up by a carrier, you'll get the info you need.

Here's what happens to your order next...


The fastest carrier picks up the job and uses Schüttflix to plan the most important things: driver, vehicle, times.


Now the driver takes over. He starts his route to the loading point, and has all the info he needs on the Schüttflix app on his phone.

A Full Load

They're already waiting for the driver at the loading point. And they know exactly what goes on the truck. They load the truck with the materials to be transported – and Schüttflix with all the information on it.

You always know exactly what's going on

We'll keep you up to date via your job in the app. You can actively check the status of the job or have us send you notifications. You can even live-track the transport job.

Unloaded right on time. Even when you're not there.

The photo feature makes it really easy for the carrier to confirm your delivery – without requiring your participation or presence.

At the end you get your documents in digital form.

As soon as the transport job is done, you'll have all the documents you need, from the invoice to the weighing slip (if applicable) in PDF form. Bye-bye to all that paper, hello to digital document management.

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