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Sand, gravel, rocks ... here's how you get the good stuff

Get bulk materials delivered to your job site, quickly, conveniently, and on time. It's as simple as this:

Constuction material at the push of a button

Need something delivered? Use Schüttflix to start an order with the push of a button, either as a normal delivery or – even simpler – as part of a project with prenegotiated allotments.

Where's it headed?

Specify the location of your construction site for a delivery – or simply select the project.

Let us know what you need.

Our product catalog has gravel and any kind of bulk materials you could want. By the way, when you do a project order, simply choose the desired position that we've already agreed upon in advance.

... a good bit of gravel?

There's a ton of stuff to order

Tell us the amount you need in \"whole vehicles\", or give us a specific weight or volume, and we'll convert it to vehicles.

By the way, project orders typically only deal with whole vehicles and only those classes of vehicle agreed upon ahead of time.

Time to plan

When do you need the stuff? Schüttflix is as flexible as you are. Schedule an exact delivery time, and even get themin precise increments when you order multiple transport jobs. If it doesn't really matter, you can set a delivery period. Or make it easy on yourself: Click the red button and select our \"earliest possible delivery

Who gets the contract?

People usually choose the best value, which is why that's the one we've always highlighted. But you decide. And with a project order, your supplier and the great price are already fixed.

On the spot, every time

When it comes to precise unloading, no one can beat us. Just mark the unloading point on the map, and your materials will be dropped of at that exact spot. After all, nobody wants 26 tons of gravel in the wrong place.

Now it's our turn – here's what happens next

After you've confirmed and ordered, you can relax and do your thing. We'll take it from there and make sure that you get the good stuff.

One of them will pick up the route

We inform our partner forwarding companies about new routes in the job exchange. Somebody's got to bring you your gravel.

And then things really pick up speed


The fastest carrier picks up the job and uses Schüttflix to plan the most important things: driver, vehicle, delivery times.

Transport job

Now the driver takes over. He starts his route to the loading point, and has all the info he needs on the Schüttflix app on his phone.

A Full Load

They're already waiting for the driver at the seller's location. And they know exactly how much you need of what material. The weigher loads the truck with your bulk materials – and Schüttflix with all the important weighing information.

Always in view: Thanks to live tracking, you always know when your construction materials are coming

Dropped off right on time - even when you're not there

The information in the order lets the driver know exactly where to drop off the materials. And that's what he does. Even if you're not there. Then he simply confirms the dropoff using Schüttflix's photo feature. Go ahead, smile.

All your documents, all digital

As soon as the materials are loaded, you'll have all the documents you need in PDF form, from the invoice to the weighing slip. Bye-bye to all that paper, hello to digital document management.

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