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We're building the future of the building site

Over 10% of Germany's GDP is spent on construction-related activities. The construction industry is responsible for 6% of added value in the Germany economy.Still, until quite recently, there was no single player dedicated to the digitization of the industry across the board. That is, until 2019, when Schüttflix laid the foundation for the digital evolution of construction industry logistics.

Schüttflix in one go

Schüttflix is the first and only digital company that connects contractors, bulk materials sellers, carriers, and disposers. And it's about time! Remember how it was? If you wanted to order gravel, sand, or other bulk materials, you needed one thing most of all: a lot of patience. Deliveries didn't come on time, prices were not transparent, and the unloading point was often seemed to be purely arbitrary. We set out to change that. We used digital processes to achieve price transparency and ensure that deliveries came right on time. And from the very beginning we've depended on and built upon partnership and full autonomy. We are the mediators, the facilitators, and the improvers.

Sustainable Digitization Meets Digitized Sustainability

Of course we're in this to make money. That much is obvious. But we do have other goals as well. We want to be one of the great digital trailblazers in an industry that's remained pretty analog until now. And we're not just talking about building itself, but all the processes and things associated with it. We would also like to contribute to making the construction industry more sustainable. One way to do this is by lowing emissions with smart route management. This involves things like not only bringing bulk materials to where they need to go, but picking up mineral waste products to dispose of on the way back. That means fewer empty runs and more sustainability.

We're writing a success story

The Schüttflix cornerstone

It began with a mistake

The one who came up with the idea for Schüttflix was Christian Hülseweg. While working at his farm one day, there was a serious incident in which several tons of bulk materials were unloaded in the wrong place. You all know how nerve-wracking that can be. But instead of a heap of trouble, what Christian saw was an opportunity:

Why not develop an app that would enable precise and on-time unloading of materials, one that would take full advantage of the potential that digitization offered the construction industry?

So he brought together a group of pros from the fields of transport, civil engineering, e-commerce, and IT, and they got to work. The result was the Schüttflix app, which we launched in 2019.

Delivered with care

They love us on the construction site

This clever idea struck a chord – and not only with the small-time farmers and homesteaders we originally developed Schüttflix for. The idea also attracted the enthusiastic interest of construction companies.

So we amped it up, expanding our partner network so much that by the end of 2021 – after 3 years, that is – we were dumping materials all over Germany. In that time, we continued to develop Schüttflix, of course, expanding our features and services. For example, we added the disposal of mineral waste.

The next logical step took us over the border – in summer 2022, Schüttflix is coming to Czechia, Poland, and Austria.

We're still expanding

To every constrcution site – Europe-wide

We've got big plans for Schüttflix, and a clear vision: We want to become the primary logistics platform for building sites all over Europe.
To do this, not only do we plan to expand throughout Europe – we'll also continue to expand the range of services we offer to job sites. Let us surpise you.

Not built on sand

Stable Development

We've been told we have a hard time keeping a lid on things. That may well be. But there's so much to talk about. Don't believe us? Then take a look at the numbers.

125.000.000 €

Revenue in 2023

> 40 Percent

Yearly Growth

> 12.000.000 t

Materials transported

> 450.000

Transport jobs driven

Great idea – great leadership

Founder & CEO

Christian Hülsewig

Who started it all? That would be Christian. After 10 years in logistics management for international companies (arvato, Microsoft, and more), he came up with the brilliant idea of digitizing the construction industry.


Nils Klose

Who helps with building and expanding the company? That'd be Nils He's an expert in organization development, the digital platform business, and internationalization, having already proved his chops at arvato and

Our Shareholders and Investors"

Schüttflix is an amazing business idea. Today, this is apparent to everyone – but our shareholders and investors had the right instincts early on.

Christian Hülsewig

The founder and CEO of Schüttflix is naturally also a shareholder. After all, the company is his baby.

Thomas Hagedorn

The founder of the Gütersloh-based Hagedorn Group has been an investor since day one. He played a key role in the building of Schüttflix.

Sophia Thomalla

The actress and TV presenter is Schüttflix's brand ambassador and belongs to the extended group of shareholders.


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HV Capital

HV Capital invests in Internet and technology companies and is one of the most financially capable early-stage and growth investors in Europe.

Molten Ventures

Molten Ventures is one of the most active venture capital investors in Europe. They invest in and promote the growth of disruptive and high-growth technology companies.

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