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You can really build something here

We're laying the foundation for the digitization of the construction industry. For this unique idea, we need a unique team. Are you in?

This is Schüttflix

We're a multi-award-winning start-up. We've been revolutionizing the market for bulk materials since 2019, starting with one idea: an app that allows construction companies to order bulk materials, have waste disposed of, or get transport/jobs. At the same time, we're digitizing the processes for the companies that work with us: forwarding companies, suppliers of construction materials, and disposal companies that receive mineral waste.

But we're not done yet. As we continue to improve our app and add new features, we don't want to put Schüttflix on just every construction site in Germany, but all over Europe. To do this, we need a team that's always ready to get things done.


47,300 Hours

Conversations with customers and partners

300 Metric Tons of

gravel moved at construction pro training

Over 30

nationalities in our crew

35 years

is the average age of our Schüttflix employees

Our Teams

A Good Mix

Our crew is quite the colorful bunch. Is anyone surprised? We're a digital company with deep roots in the analog world of construction. We've got people in the office. We've got people on the street. We've got experts and specialists from every possible field: IT, marketing, data analysis, finance, law, innovation, just to name a few.

Our Culture and Values

What binds us together

The mortar that holds everything together is our system of values and our way of getting things done. The unique Schüttflix spirit. And it's not something that was created at the drawing board, but developed out of the day-to-day cooperation between our teams and the people that make them up. Curious?

Go on, treat yourself

If you're looking for the best, then you'd better have something to offer. We get it. Other companies can offer good money too. That's why we've gone and put together an additional little package that's filled with benefits you'll love: health, fitness, continuing education, home office, transportation, and so much more. Click and see.

Construction is a non-stop business. The job's to get done. Because we work the same way, people on the job site know we're serious about what we do.

Nils Klose


Mind if we introduce ourselves? Our Teams

Sales, Key Account Management, Disposal, and Operations

Product & Tech

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Our locations


Get ready to enjoy roomy office spaces in the Old Post Office by the train station, a city park in walking distance, a rooftop deck to hang out on, midday meals from our award-winning chef; and you can also look forward to Schüttflix Tower at the train station, currently under construction.


Enjoy our prime spot between Ehrenfeld and the Belgian Quarter in the city's inner green belt at our ESG-certified location. It doesn't get better than this. And you're only a few steps away from a culinary tour of the world.

All over Germany

In addition to our main offices we've established several smaller offices all over Germany. You can work with us in Hamburg, Berlin, Chemnitz, Weilheim Teck and Dorsten. Unless, that is, you'd prefer to work remote.

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You can say there's a sort of down-to-earth start-up feel to working here. Want to know more? Then click and see.