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How we really tick

We're still a very young company, but we've already developed our own identity and culture. Our values were not created on a drawing board. If anything, they just show that we're a reflection of the construction industry itself.

Honest values – no buzzwords

Get your hands dirty

We don't hesitate, and we don't dither. We don't discuss things to death. If something needs doing, we take care of it. We act – and if we find that the solution we took was not the optimal one, we'll simply do better next time. And then even better.

Stay grounded

We're revolutionizing the construction industry – but we don't let it go to our heads. We don't live in a digital ivory tower. We keep our feet firmly planted on the ground – that's why we're able to see literally eye-to-eye with our customers. And this is the attitude we cultivate in house too.

Show passion

We put our hearts into our work each and every day. That's the only way we'll ever achieve our goal of leading the industry into the digital future for its own benefit, despite all the challenges and all the obstacles in the analog world.

Be Committed

We're not vague, but always speak and act in concrete terms. Our word is our bond. We firmly believe that a man (or a woman!) is as good as his (her) word. A handshake is as good as a contract.

Be Authentic

What you see is what you get. We don't play games with people, and we don't pretend – either among ourselves or with our customers and partners. With us, everyone knows where they stand.

Be Fair

We don't take advantage of anybody, either in-house or on the outside. We stand on equal footing with our coworkers. Here, we just treat everybody the same.

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