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Sell construction materials the smart way

Learn the smart way to save yourself the usual hassle while still landing new jobs. It's as simple as this:


Once you've posted your products and prices on our system, the jobs will start coming in, pretty much on their own. When a new order comes in, you'll know about it right away, and it'll show up in your jobs list.

Hassle-free Scheduling

The job tile itself shows you everything you need to know: Who's picking what up, on what day, at what time, and in what quantity? We'll let you know when the driver's on the way.

Loading with an Extra Scoop of Convenience

When the driver gets there, choose how you want the materials weighed – by the cubic meter, empty/full, or by the scoop – and let the driver know. Then just record the load, enter the weight slip number, and confirm. Done. As for the delivery note, we'll take care of it in digital form.

Quick Deposit

The very next day, we'll unload the gravel in exchange for the good stuff posted to your account.

All your documents, all digital

With Schüttflix, say goodbye to all those slips of paper, and say hello to digital document management. You'll have all the documents for the job in digital form every step of the way.

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